Upholstery Cleaning

Along with our professional quality carpet cleaning service, we offer the finest in upholstery cleaning as well. With our “wet clean” method, your furniture will receive a deep and thorough cleaning with our Bane-Clene Maxi-Mount unit. A safe but effective solution is injected onto the fabric and then quickly extracted along with normal soil, beverage spills and all contaminants associated with everyday living. Your furniture will appear brighter and be totally refreshed.

However, there are some specialty fabrics that cannot be wet-cleaned. These natural fibers such as some cottons, wools and the like, will be permanently damaged by using a water-based solution. In this case, we offer the “solvent dry cleaning” method. This process, although not as efficient and more costly then wet-cleaning, is safe for all specialty fabrics. Our choice of equipment for this process is the Bane-Clene Dry Cleaning Unit.

We can determine which method is right for your furniture by either reading a “Cleaning Recommendation” tag usually located on the shelf under the cushions or by an on-sight inspection if no tag exists.

We can also provide you with odor control and fabric protection on all of the upholstery we clean at your specific request.

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