We are very honored to be able to provide our customers with the most professional service our industry has to offer.

We are grateful to those who have shared their experience with our company.

Here are a few of their kind words.


May 2018
Terry Kuhn, the owner of Kuhn’s Carpet & Upholstery, is a truly wonderful guy, and his assistant Dan outstanding as well. Their work is the best we have ever found in this area, not even a close call. Their customer service is old school, great!! I strongly recommend you call Terry and give his service a try. You won’t regret making the call. +1 (219) 874-5421

Just thought people should know. Good/great and dependable service & trade people often very difficult to find around here. All too often we have been disappointed, so wanted to support a great provider when we found him.

Jim C., Chicago


May 2018
I can”t agree more! My experience with Terry Kuhn over a decade has been stellar!!

Beth O.,  Shoreland Hills


July 2016
Arrived early, went above and beyond to get equipment to my office on second story. Cleaning seemed to be very well done. Would recommend and support this business over a bigger company anyday. Same equipment but he cares much more about the end result.
Seth S., Michigan City


April 2012
One of our recent guests spilled a whole glass of red wine on our living room carpet. Kuhn’s Carpet got the stain out. I was so amazed!! I will always call them to do my carpet cleaning.
Carol B., La Porte


December 2011
I had Kuhn’s Carpet Cleaning come out to clean my living room and hallway carpet.  It had some major stains on it from my dog.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when he got done with the cleaning, it looked BRAND NEW !!   He was able to get out all of the stains.  Great job, I highly recommend them to all of my friends.
Janice G., Beverly Shores