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We offer truck-mounted hot water extraction for all of our carpet cleaning work. Also known as “steam cleaning”,  hot water extraction is the most recommended cleaning method by 90% of all top carpet manufacturers today.  It provides a deep, thorough cleaning while leaving minimal residue.

Carpet Being Cleaned in Michigan CityIt’s the build up of residue that other cleaning methods may leave behind that causes fast re-soiling and may lead to premature replacement of a major investment in your home.

We utilize the Bane-clene Maxi-Mount carpet cleaning machine for all of our cleaning work. The reason we chose this system is because of its high-quality output, versatility, and dependability. This machine, as well as Bane-Clene’s  training procedures have achieved the  prestigious “Seal of Approval” by the Carpet and Rug Institute, making us your best choice in carpet cleaning.

As with all Bane-Clene units, the Maxi-Mount allows us to provide the solution used in the carpet cleaning process. Most other units don’t have this capability.

Since we do bring our own pre-mixed cleaning solution, there is no need for us to use any water supply in your home. This also allows us to better control the temperature, dilution ratio, and PH balance of the cleaning solution. With that control, we are able to better clean your carpet because we start with a better quality cleaning solution.

How often should your carpet be cleaned?  Most manufacturers recommend carpet cleaning be done every 12 months. As a matter of fact, there are some carpet producers that require cleaning with hot water extraction on an annual basis to keep the carpet’s warranty valid. If you’re carpet receives a large amount of traffic, or you have children and pets, cleaning more often (every 6 months) might be considered.

Drying Time: You can expect your carpet to be totally dry usually well within a 12 – 24 hour time period. Drying time is dependent on the construction type and fiber content of the carpet, as well as the humidity level on the day your carpeting is cleaned. It’s always recommended that you do not walk on the carpet for at least the first few hours after cleaning, as damp carpet will re-soil easily. All the better if you can remain off the carpet until it is totally dry. After it is dry, you will enjoy a spring-time fresh, clean carpet that will last longer.

 Pricing:  We charge by the square foot for our carpet cleaning services. We feel that the customer “gets exactly what they pay for” by this method, rather than dealing with the uncertainty of big room vs. small room “room pricing”.  Not all rooms are created equally size-wise. You shouldn’t be forced to pay the same price for cleaning a small room as you would a larger room.

A simple measurement of the length and width of the area or areas to be cleaned is taken to calculate the total number of square feet of carpeting.  We also take into consideration degree of soiling as well as the overall condition and age of the carpet that needs our careful attention.

We can also provide you with odor control and fabric protection on all of the carpet we clean at your specific request.

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