How to Find the Best Professional Carpet Cleaning or Furniture Cleaning Company

Carpet Cleaning Job in Michigan City 1-1It can be a very scary thing! No, not a spider in your bed or a snake in your garden… but hiring a carpet cleaning company or furniture cleaning company (or any service company for your home, in fact).

But you have to do it, so you investigate companies you might hire. It’s not an easy assignment, although looking at online reviews does help. Check out Angie’s List, Yelp and Google Reviews for information, among other sources. Most people are honest (most!) about what they say in reviews.

That being said, it’s just a start. You have to really do your homework, because you are inviting strangers into your home. You want to trust you have chosen the best carpet cleaning company in your city.

And once you have chosen a quality company, keep using them! Yes, there are cheaper companies out there, but quality is important.

How can you do your homework and your own investigation?

1. Ask your friends and workmates. Nothing is better than a good referral. And when you call the cleaning company, let them know how you got their number. It kind of puts them on their best behavior, knowing they are working for a referral and all companies know that good work means MORE referrals.

2. Check out their social media pages. See what they say, especially about their customers. You want to see pictures of their work, and how proud they are to be the best.

3. If you can, look at their trucks when you see them driving around. Are they neat and clean, or in need of attention? Cleaning companies should be clean themselves.

4. When calling a potential company, ask if they have pictures of the tech they will be sending. Some companies have their entire staff on their website, which can give you peace of mind (or send you away quickly!)

5. And when making that phone call to inquire of their services, pay attention to how they answer the phone and treat you while discussing potential services in your home. That matters, too.

6. Don’t be afraid to “just say no” if a company arrives and you are uncomfortable. Most companies are top notch and you shouldn’t have a problem, but there are a few out there, such as the “bait-and-switch” carpet cleaners, who sell you a cheap price but want much more when it comes time to clean.

This article was written by Jeff Cross, executive editor of Cleanfax magazine and creator of Totally Booked University. Nationally recognized cleaning and restoration trainer.