Bane-Clene Maxi-Mount

The fact is 90% of the top carpet manufacturers all recommend hot water extraction (steam cleaning) as the best and most efficient way to clean and maintain carpet. Hot water extraction provides a deep, thorough cleaning while leaving minimal residue. It’s the build up of residue that other carpet cleaning methods may leave behind that causes fast re-soiling and may lead to premature replacement of a major investment in your home or business.

There are many choices in carpet cleaning machines available today. Anything from the smallest portable machines, to the more powerful truck-mounted units. Most of them are high-quality and will do a very good job for any carpet cleaning company.

We choose the Bane-Clene Maxi-Mount for all of our cleaning projects. This is a truck-mounted unit which can also be used in portable mode for use in high-rise buildings and in security situations, without losing any of its cleaning ability. It’s powered by a quiet running electric motor which is very friendly to the environment as well. Being electric, there is no need for our truck’s engine to run during the cleaning process which makes it safer for our customers by not spewing carbon monoxide fumes around your residence.

The original prototype of this very machine in 1962 was the very first “truck-mounted” carpet cleaning unit ever produced. This is the machine that started the truck-mounted era. So, it has a long and very storied history.

Over the years, the Bane-clene Maxi-Mount has proven to be very dependable and a great way to give our customers the very best our industry offers.

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